Investment Amount

The amount of the investment for the construction of the Faculty of Music buildings has been defined on the basis of investment project approximations and totals about 35 500 000 €, exclusive of VAT.

Efficient Building Management

Building management includes three basic levels of costs and inflows: operative costs, maintenance costs and inflows from marketing activities (renting, organizing other events in the building’s rooms). Operative costs include the estimated costs for ventilation, heating and cooling, lighting and cleaning. Considering the maintenance costs, we estimate the level of the expected costs taking into account the scope and complexity of the maintenance of the installed materials, equipment and mechanical devices and technologies. However, in the event of inflow from marketing activities, we assess if the building allows unlimited renting of part of the premises which, at the time of lease, are not used for teaching activities, but only for rent.

Long-Term Economic Impact of Construction

The project should include materials, technologies and systems that follow the principles of the analysis of life cycle costs, which means that the costs of their installation, maintenance and disassembly are equally taken into account in the selection process.