Involvement of the Faculty of Music in the Artistic and Creative Environment

The institution’s participation in the immediate and wider cultural urban setting is the Faculty’s basic mission. Through its educational and creative work, the Faculty of Music is firmly connected with the educational and promotional activities in the field of music in the city, the region and nationwide. The construction of a new building will additionally improve the Faculty of Music’s position, both symbolically and in reality. Apart from the constant involvement of the Faculty of Music’s teaching staff in the current social and artistic life, it is also important to establish a reverse link - the active involvement of external artists and public in the Faculty of Music’s work. The architectural design should efficiently encourage, promote and demonstrate such involvement in addition to the activities of the Faculty itself.

Faculty of Music as a Generator of Artistic Development

The Faculty develops and promotes new artistic trends, criticism and views through the pedagogical, extracurricular and research artistic work of teachers and students (e.g. through multifunctional spaces available 24 hours a day, where informal creation, workshops and consultations are possible).

The project should enable the overnight keeping of the part of the premises intended for the aforesaid facilities separately from the rest of the Faculty. The requirements referring to the cultural and social setting have been defined as guidelines.


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The Regulations on Technical Standards for Planning, Designing and Construction of Facilities Ensuring Unimpeded Movement and Access for Disabled Persons, Children and Elderly Persons („Official Gazette of RS“, no. 22/2015).

Regulations on the Content, Method and Procedure of Work and Control of Technical Documentation according to the Structures’ Class and Purpose („Official  Gazette of RS“, no. 73/2019)



The goal of the competition is to provide the highest quality architectural design to determine the integral development of the area covered by the competition and obtain a solution harmonized with the need and plans for the development of the most significant higher education institution in the field of music culture in Serbia.

It is necessary to reach the architectural recognizability of the structure and its compatibility with the setting of the Linear Park in Belgrade.

The architectural design ought to be compatible with the needs of the teaching processes defined through the competition’s project programme. Functionality, economy and flexibility of the structure’s use should be provided.

The achievement of a high standard in terms of microclimatic conditions and structure maintenance, with as low carbon footprint as possible from construction and use. The following should be achieved:

- the unity of the structure’s architectural and energy concept and the rationality of the proposed structure, its construction and the costs of its exploitation

- the improvement of the quality of social life of students, teachers and researchers within the building and its immediate surroundings

- connection between the structure’s public areas and the surrounding Linear Park. Attaining the sufficient quality and quantity of greenery within the plot.

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